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Hello Kitty‘s fur is white, with black whiskers on either side of her nose. She is usually depicted wearing a red bow on her left ear, which is often her most recognizable feature. Her clothing varies depending on the occasion or theme, but it is usually simple and casual. Sometimes, she is depicted wearing a simple blue or pink dress, while other times she may be shown in a more elaborate outfit.

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20cm Red Hello Kity Sitting Plush

Price: $19.99

Package Included:

• 1 x Doll

Product Features:

• Material: Cotton

• New and high quality

• Hello Kitty is often associated with the concept of kawaii, or cuteness, and has become a global icon in popular culture.

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71 - Hello Kitty Plush


Super cute. I got a pink and a blue. I purchased from many different vendors and this order came the quickest out of all.

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My daughter is very happy with her Hello Kitty, it’s the same as the photo shows, thank you very much!!!! 

74 - Hello Kitty Plush


It came early! & in good condition. Package well ! So happy . Get it <3

73 - Hello Kitty Plush


SO CUTE, I ❤️ IT!!! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. it’s very cheap too, but the quality is amazing.

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Hello Kitty is a fictional character that was created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974. The character is a white anthropomorphic cat with a round head, large eyes, a yellow nose, and no mouth. She is typically depicted wearing a red bow on her left ear and a simple outfit, often with a small coin purse or other accessory.

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Who is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty is a fictional character created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974. She is a white anthropomorphic cat with a red bow on her left ear and no visible mouth. Hello Kitty has become a global icon in popular culture, appearing on a wide range of merchandise and products, from clothing and accessories to home decor and kitchenware. Despite her popularity, Hello Kitty has remained largely a silent character, communicating through gestures and facial expressions rather than speech. She has become a beloved cultural icon for people of all ages around the world.

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Hello Kitty Plush specializes in offering high-quality plush toys and products featuring the iconic character Hello Kitty. Our mission is to provide fans of the character with a wide range of plush toys and products that capture the essence of Hello Kitty’s cute and friendly personality.

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We offer a wide range of high-quality plush toys and products featuring Hello Kitty. From classic plush toys to stylish handbags, backpacks, and accessories, we have something for every fan of Hello Kitty.

We are passionate about Hello Kitty and her cultural significance. We believe that Hello Kitty is more than just a character – she represents friendship, kindness, and the joy of childhood. We want to share that passion with our customers and help them connect with Hello Kitty in a meaningful way.

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At Hello Kitty Plush, we are passionate about providing our customers with high-quality products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer a user-friendly website, secure payment options, fast shipping, and hassle-free returns. Our mission is to provide a fun and enjoyable shopping experience for fans of Hello Kitty. We want to help fans connect with their favorite character in a tangible and meaningful way, and we believe that our plush toys and products are the perfect way to do that. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a new convert to the world of Hello Kitty, we have something for everyone on our website.

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